Regulatory Compliance

We act as Regulatory Compliance Solicitors and Company Secretaries to a host of companies within Nigeria and therefore file on their behalf all requisite returns and documentation with the relevant regulatory authorities. Our clients trust us to keep them on the right side of the law in all respects.

We therefore have an in-depth working knowledge of corporate, industrial, health, safety and environmental, labour and employment, insurance and licensing legislation. As a matter of principle, our firm conducts an extensive legal audit of all our corporate clients with a view to ascertaining their level of compliance with the myriad of Laws affecting their particular concern. Where defaults are detected proactive counter-measures are immediately adopted to ensure that they do not recur. We also undertake due diligence inquiries on behalf of such clients.

Oil & Gas

We act as in-house solicitors, out-counsel, Legal Consultants and General Advisors to a number of major players in the sector. Our experience in the upstream and downstream sectors is extensive and covers exploration, production, transmission, distribution and marketing activities. We are the reference point for many oil and gas-based concerns wishing to set up a base in Port Harcourt.

We advise on legislation, policy guidelines and a myriad of other issues necessary to successfully traverse the Local and National business environment. We have acted for clients in the acquisition of licences in respect of oil prospecting and mining. We aid in applications for oil lifting and exportation rights. We have also been actively involved in the negotiation, conclusion and implementation of finance agreements in the gas sector.

The Firm, as well as its Chief Executive Partner, HRH. Barr. David Serena-Dokubo Spiff, are members of the Energy Institute, formerly Institute of Petroleum London; HRH Serena-Dokubo has contributed avidly to the development of Oil and Gas Law in Nigeria. He is a regular speaker and participant at various seminars and workshops, national and international, which impact on our petroleum industry and the world at large.


The firm advises on tax liabilities; state, national and international. We also assist our clients in the negotiation and resolution of tax disputes. As a commercial practice, a firm appreciation of tax related legislation and matters is a sine-qua-non for all members of the firm. We also enjoy the ability to call on the services of distinguished and well-grounded tax and financial specialists whenever the need arises.

These specialists include some of our illustrious alumni who have established themselves at the very top of the finance sector. As always, their knowledge and advice remain at the disposal of the Firm and her clients.

Arbitration, Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Here at Serenity, we are firm believers in the benefits of Arbitration and ADR In the fast-paced and time-sensitive commercial environment within which business is now conducted, breakdowns in contractual obligations, and the defaults that follow can lead to enterprise-crippling penalty fees and liabilities. Therefore we have a team of highly skilled Chartered Mediators, Conciliators, and Arbitrators. The Firm is also a corporate member of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators.

Banking & Finance

Serenity Legal Union & Partners provides dedicated service to a number of banks and finance institutions nationwide. From the old generation banking houses to the fast-rising financial houses, we are well placed to offer distinct services suited to the peculiar needs of each client. We have advised on property acquisition and registration for a number of banks within Nigeria.

We are conversant with the various procedures for the creation, perfection, and enforcement of bank securities in Nigeria and are adept at recovering debts. We have also acted, quite successfully, as receiver/managers and liquidators.

Practice Development and Continuing Legal Education

The Firm continues to take an active interest in practice development and continuing legal education. Regular in-house seminars are held for counsel (and friends of the Firm) to ensure that all our solicitors are abreast of the latest developments in the Law.

We also organize and participate, actively, in seminars and workshops that contribute in no small manner to legal development in Nigeria. We periodically sponsor and conduct seminars in Port Harcourt reviewing procedures in various government departments and parastatals.

These are organized in conjunction with the relevant Government offices and functionaries. We also continue to contribute to the development and reform of Nigerian Law by submitting draft legislation and memoranda on several Nigerian Laws that are in dire need of reform. We have submitted, at the behest of the National Council of Privatisation, far-reaching proposals for the reform of Pension Laws and administration in Nigeria.

Litigation & Insolvency

Despite recent preoccupation with corporate and Public Sector practice, our firm still engages in a considerable volume of contentious litigation. We possess a vibrant, well-equipped litigation department filled with counsel who have cut their teeth in cases from the High Court to the Nigerian Supreme Court.

We have been involved in and have successfully determined to the favour of our clients, numerous disputes affecting the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria.

Corporate Finance, Capital Investment, and Project Finance and Development

We have undertaken the packaging, syndicating and operation of a number of capital investment projects on behalf of our clients. These include advising on public rights issues of shares, advising on re-capitalisation initiatives, the initiation and execution of corporate loan schemes for our clients’ employees and many others.

We consult with leading minds in the financial sector with a view to delivering the best possible legal advice and assistance to our clients.


Serenity Legal Union & Partners in its unending determination to offer top-flight service to its clientele provides dedicated services in the fast growing Telecoms sector.

We advise a number of telecommunication companies within Port Harcourt. They include PTO’s and companies involved in providing accessory services to the mobile phone industry.